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Bathroom furniture

 Each person creates an atmosphere in his space. The accommodation and interior we live in are very important. Therefore the arrangement of your dwelling should be done very thoroughly. You need only the desire to create, and «Sofas» LLC will help to realize your ideas. Morning in our everyday life begins in a bathroom. And evening ends here, too. That’s why the design of the bathroom is very important because it influences on our mood.

First of all the bathroom and its furniture fulfil the practical function. But aesthetics should not play secondary role. Thus by the right choosing of colour, sizes of furniture and materials they are made of, you will make the interior of the bathroom look inviting.

From the financial point of view, it would be more practical to buy the whole furniture set for bathroom, than every element separately. And all the view will not contrast by texture, colour and quality.


The size of the bathroom and its furnishing.

People mostly like free space. But what can you do if the bathroom is small-sized?

There is a way out of any situation – it’s the visual increase of the room. Firstly choose the bathroom furniture in light shades, and white colour is the most preferable solution.

        You should also pay attention to hiding of some elements (sanitary arrangements). Closed wall shelves are more suitable, so that the household chemicals were not seen.

 It is wise to order the bathroom drawer unit, cabinet or mirrors on the same site. This way you will save your time on talking with sales representatives, making and receiving the order. 

        We offer the wide range of bathroom sets, reasonable prices and competent advices.

    Furniture boxes for bathroom – what do they include?

Traditional furniture box for bathroom presents the entire list of all necessary products for bathroom’s arrangement. As a rule such box consists of:

·         vanity unit (wall and floor standing)

·         bathroom cabinets

          ·         mirrors for bathroom.

We managed to do a lot due to your wishes and advices.

Our designers and technologists will project your most challenging ideas.

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